Benefits of raising funds on your personal assets

No credit checks

No lengthy applications

Secured storage of your treasured items

Fast payment

Transparent fees with no late charges

Interest only charged up to date of repayment

Established 1994

Benefits of choosing Almagrove Private Asset Finance

  • Almost 3 decades of experience in lending against personal assets including vehicles, antiques, luxury items, watches, jewellery, diamonds and more
  • The owners of Watch Buyers Ltd making us experts in Luxury Watch Values
  • A family owned business
  • Head Office at 340 Ashley Rd, Poole, Dorset BH14 9DF (No assets are kept at this premises)
  • Tel. 03303 639981
  • APR and Terms of Loan; our minimum rate of APR is 18.8%. Our maximum rate of APR is 61.5%. Representative APR: 40.15% All loans are for a fixed term of 6 months. You can repay early at any time with no penalty fees. Representative Example: Total credit: £5000. Loan term of 6 months. Annual Interest rate: 42% (fixed). Interest for 6 months: £1050. Amount repayable in one installment: £6050.00 Risk Warning: If the loan is not repaid, the assets may be sold. Your asset covers the whole debt and you will receive any surplus after sale if the loan is not repaid. You will not be liable in the case of any shortfall between the amount that you have borrowed and what the assets are sold for at disposal.
Member of the National Association of Pawnbrokers.

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