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Asset Finance is where a lender agrees to a loan using the security of assets. Private Asset Finance means personal assets may be used as well as business assets. It enables you to release cash from the value in assets you already own.

We lend against antiques, collectables, luxury watches, gold and diamonds. We also lend against fine art, classic cars, boats and other high value assets.

None. There are no upfront additions to your loan. Almagrove does not add any set up fees.

No. No credit checks required.

Really safe. Your valuables are stored in a secure offsite vault. They are not kept at our head office address for better security. Whilst in transit they are fully insured for collection and delivery at up to £25000 per package. If the value is higher then special arrangements will be made.

Yes. You may repay early at any time, in full or in part, without paying any additional charges. You only pay interest for the number of days that you have borrowed for.

Yes. You can pay the interest due up to any date within the period, and outside of this also, and this will renew the loan for a further period of 6 months.

We have thirty years experience in valuing items. The fact that we have been in business so long in the most part due to repeat business means we get the values right. We have a network of professional and respected valuers we can use should the item fall outside of our usual remit which includes major auction houses around the world. In short if we cannot give you a fair loan offer you won’t use our service so this motivates us to do our best at all times.

If you do not repay your loan then we will send an “Intention to Sell” letter which sets out what you owe and allows a further 14 days for you to get in touch. When this expires we can legally send the items to auction or sale by private treaty in order to get back the amount we lent and any interest owed. Here is the good bit :
If the asset sells for more than the money that is owed then you get the surplus paid back less any reasonable selling fees such as auction costs. These tend to be capped at 10%.
If the asset sells for less than the amount that is owed then we cannot pursue you for any loss. It will be accepted that the loss is due to a change in market of that we have over valued the item.

How good is that? Pawnbroking style lending is a great way to raise funds.

We are registered as a lender with the Financial Control Authority (FCA) and can be found on the FCA register under Almagrove Ltd. As part of being licensed all of our directors and nominated officers have to pass a Fit and Proper Person test conducted by the FCA. This is a similar check undertaken for working in very sensitive public areas and includes checking the Criminal Records Bureau and Financial Conduct registers to make sure we are fit to be trusted with your money and valuables.
Thankfully it is not based on dancing ability and the fashion sense of some senior staff at annual company celebrations.

All loan transactions, loan enquiries, and valuations are private and confidential, handled securely and promptly. We are registered with the ICO and adhere to GDPR and all regulation.

We pride ourselves on fast payment. Fill in our short ‘Get a Quote’ form. Receive your quote. Let us inspect your item and make you an offer. Accept our offer and receive the money the same day.
We have much experience of this drawn on running our sister company so please go and look at their reviews.