Billionaires and their choice of cars

Exactly what do those at the very top end of the luxury lifestyle drive? Do they drive or are they driven?

And what would you buy to drive if money was no object?

The most expensive British car you can buy is the Rolls-Royce Sweptail.  Its cost? -millions. Thirteen million or thereabouts.  Rolls-Royce don’t tell who owns this vehicle – a total bespoke project.


But are the wealthy flashy with their car choices? Or perhaps are they not driving what you’d think…

Jeff Bezos still drives a 1996 Honda Accord. You have to appreciate the anonymity it would indeed give him, though we think he probably has a few other choices in his garages. And Bezos does own a $65 million Gulfstream G650ER private jet. 

Also following the ‘frugal’ choice is Dustin Moskovitz – with his 3% in Facebook shares, plus Asana mobile app, both mean he’s a wealthy chap – and he chooses to drive a Volkswagen R32 


Co founder of Google Larry Page is proud driver of a Toyota Prius. Its not a flashy car. But then the eight richest man in the world quite probably doesn’t need to drive to work, or drive himself at all that often.

Alice Walton– one of the three heirs to the rather large Walmart fortune, and second wealthiest woman in the world, thanks to her art collection. She drives a Ford F-150 King ranch Pickup. Plenty of room in the back for the Walmart shopping after all! 

Mark Zuckerberg is not so easy to pin down to a particular car. Famously purchasing a Pagani Huayra, but also owning Acura TSX, a Honda Fit, and a Volkswagen Golf GTI. None of which is a huge outlay for a man currently worth 88.7 billion dollars.

On the other side of flashiest cars versus frugal choices is Elon Musk, who drives his own companies cars, the newest Tesla Roadster and was the first person to own a Tesla model 3, famously bumping someone else off the top spot at the last minute for the first one. These aren’t a frugal choice, incase you weren’t sure…


So, if the answer to the question what would you drive if money was no object was more Elon Musk than Jeff Bezos then maybe its time to think again. Just a little research shows the super, super wealthy tend to be a little careful with spending money on such things as flashy cars, and are often opting for a much simpler lifestyle than we give them credit for.

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