Business Beginnings you might not know about – Under Armour

Posted on 17 August 2021

Even the biggest brands started somewhere -and you might be surprised where.
In a new blog series, Almagrove Private Asset Finance takes a look at the beginnings of big brands. 

Under Armour

In the mid-1990s, Kevin Plank was an American Footballer at University in Maryland. Constantly frustrated by the thick heavy shirts he wore under this jerseys, he spent some time creating an undershirt for himself that stayed dry even during the toughest workouts or practices.

He did just that – in fact; it worked so well that he decided he might try to manufacture them in large amounts and sell them to other athletes. Creating the shirts in his Grandmothers basement and driving up and down the East Coast for summer, selling them from his car.  

They quickly caught on, he began to sell to entire local teams rather than just individuals.

Catching On Fast

It took just one photo in a magazine of an American Footballer wearing one of his shirts for people to take notice. It caused numerous large orders to come in and for National football teams to all request shirts. 

In just over a year Under Armour went from Plank’s car boot to a large warehouse and offices.

He started the trend in using moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics and within a year of doing so the big brands like  Nike, Adidas and Reebok followed with their own version of moisture wicking fabrics.

Now Kevin Plank now has a net worth of over $2billion {as of August 2021}

And Under Armour is a successful well known brand that manufactures footwear, sports and casual clothing. With over 21 branch and head offices across the world. 

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