Christmas Businesses – the humble Mince Pie

Posted on 08 December 2021

A Christmas food that’s only challenged in popularity by Pigs in Blankets, mince pies are a huge hit across the Uk every Christmas. 

So is it good business, the mince pie business?
Yes indeed.

Two Mince Pie Business examples –

The world’s largest single mince pie factory, in Barnsley UK, produces 720 pies a minute, rolling off three production lines

The 8-hectare (20-acre) factory site is run by the food retail firm Mr Kipling, which is part of the Premier Foods group. The factory also makes pies and cakes for supermarkets and other retailers. And in case you are wondering – they say that different recipes are used for rival retailers.
About 7,000 tonnes of sultanas, raisins and currants are shipped in each year to fill the pies, and an astonishing six out of every 10 households in the UK will buy some of the mince pies made here.  Cakes are obviously made here all year round but hundreds of extra staff are brought in just for the Christmas period – even during the Covid issues.

What’s that in sales? Mr Kipling sales have hit £150m for the first time in the brand’s history, Premier Foods revealed. The business reported revenue for its Sweet Treats division of £240.8m for the full 2020/21 financial year, representing an increase of 2.2% on 2019/20.

A similar large UK business; BBF {Bright Blue Foods} based in Hull, makes 115 million of them each festive season! They operate four bakery sites across the UK, and one in Poland, employing over 2,000 people

They supply the major retailers like M&s, Tesco and Asda. BBF is the largest own label cake manufacturer in the UK, with turnover of over £160 million. One of Britain’s leading mid market private companies- as announced in the Sunday Times PwC Top Track 250 in 2020. Owned by private equity firm, Endless, who purchased the business in 2015 and immediately doubled production. They have found that despite spending cutbacks and lack of Christmas parties in the last two years, sales of Mince pies have remained strong as a Christmas staple that people can eat at home.

Supermarket giant Aldi announced it sold 55 million mince pies over Christmas 2020 – a record even for them.



Mince Pie Facts –

However as it stands right now, early December 2021, this year mince pies sales are at a record high – with consumers on track to smash all records, as they make up for a quite restricted Christmas lat year.  Data shows 5.5 million people have already bought mince pies in the supermarket which is 200,000 more than at this point of 2020.

A mince pie map survey conducted in 2019 showed the UK eat a staggering 781 million mince pies across the Christmas period.  That’s just a UK thing too, no other country comes close. 

The mince pie is apparently more popular in Liverpool – where they will eat almost twice as many as Glasgow or Southampton. That’s 15 per person across the ‘Christmas period’!