Land owners of the UK

Posted on 23 May 2021

Who owns the most land in the UK?

You might be surprised by the answer. Becoming a landlord or owning a portfolio of property is the dream for many in the UK. It’s easy to see why, as there is plenty of money to be made with the right investments.

So do property Millionaires own most of the UK?

The UK is approximately 60,000,000 acres.

The top 50 landowners own just over 12% of the UK landmass. 

The Crown Estate, Royalty and Nobility own 3% of the entire UK – 678,420acres. They own more acres of UK land than make up the entire nation of Luxembourg. There is no other organisation in the world quite like The Crown Estate. With a portfolio worth more than £6.6 billion, it encompasses a wide variety of land, from beef farms in the north of Scotland to offices in the West End of London, from Portland stone mining in Dorset to forests in the West Country, as well as much of the UK’s coastline and some of the sea bed. It also boasts significant holdings in London’s Regent Street, Regent’s Park and St James’s, as well as agricultural estates of 265,000 acres (made up of 780 tenancies), including the 15,600-acre Windsor estate.  The estate ‘belongs’ to the reigning monarch but is not the private property of the Queen or the government. It is independently managed and all surplus revenue is paid to the treasury. 


Utility providers control almost 500,000 acres across the UK. These are mainly water and mineral mining based companies – United Utilities, MRH minerals and Severn Trent are the three largest.  To get a scale sizewise, the amount of land they own could encompass Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester – twice. 

Several British entrepreneurs and large business owners are on the top 50 list too.
Including James Dyson, Michael Cannon (16,001 acres), and the Rathbone Brothers (17,854 acres) . Dyson owns the same amount of land as 3,000 Wembley stadiums. 

Foreign companies, and business moguls own a large chunk too. Between them they own 562,285 acres. Danish fashion retail tycoon Anders Holch Povlsen is thought to be the largest single foreign UK landowner (218,364 acres) He and his wife are behind the ‘Rewilding Project’ that sets to turn back Scottish countryside to its natural state.


Charitable organisations and Environmental interests own 5.4% of the uk landmass. The Forestry Commission owning the most – 2,200,000 acres; that’s an area 4x the size of the lake district. The National Trust owns enough uk land to fill the entire island of Tenerife.
The RSPB own 321, 237 acres, it is one of the UK’s richest charities growing at a rapid rate. Many of the acres of RSPB or national Trust land was bequeathed to them. 


Property developers and investors own the very least amount in the top fifty.  Just 55, 033 acres.
JohnWhitaker and his property investment empire The Peel Group, own the most in this group. Followed by Taylor Wimpey  (14,684 acres) and Homes England.


The military own a large amount of UK land.  Set aside for the ‘defence of the realm’  they own 2% of the entire uk. Thats 1,116,060 acres. 

Educational and Religious groups together own 119,707 acres of land.  TheChurch of England and the Merton College of Oxford University own the most.  Merton college own 14,707 acres. Church of England own 105,000acres. 

If you’re wondering about individuals who own lots of land, many actually come under the previous business or nobility categories. Take the Zambrano Family,  – the entrepreneur head of which set up Cemex as a World wide cement company, biggest in all USA and one of the biggest world wide. They own – and their business owns 25,340 acres. 



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