Private asset finance loans – what are they and how do they work?

Posted on 18 June 2020

If you’ve hit a gap in your cash flow, or set your sights on the perfect property but the coronavirus has left you out of pocket, there might be the perfect solution for you.

A frequent trend once only amongst the world’s super-rich has slowly filtered its way down to us mere mortals – use your luxury asset as loan security.

So what is an asset? An asset is an object or resource that has a high value -luxury items’- and can be converted into cash. Assets can be owned by a company or individual.

Don’t have a Monet or Jaguar sports car lying around? That’s okay- valuable luxury items vary from yachts, auction house fine wines, and artwork, to houses, classic cars, jewellery, watches  and specialist equipment/plant machinery.

Private asset lending does just that – it lends against these valuable items.

In a world where more and more people, such as small business owners, are asset rich but cash poor, people are finding short term or long term solutions this way.

It’s a great alternative to bank loans or overdrafts, not only a much quicker process but there’s no lengthy forms, nor any credit checks.
You fill in the details online, the private asset company sends an estimated quote back. If you’re happy with the quote you then send your item securely – all arranged and insured by the company, and once your item has met the expert checks to ensure it is what you claim it to be, you accept the offer and the money wings its way to you.

Items are kept securely, insured and returned to you safely once the loan is over. The fees are kept transparent and interest is only charged up to the date of repayment.

Individuals like the discretion assured by private finance, plus the expert level valuations and the tailored-to-you service that comes with it.  Now everyone can borrow against their assets.