And so to Bed.

As part of our Luxury lifestyle Series we take a look at the worlds most luxurious beds.



For sleeping at home –

Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed by Leggett & Platt  costs over $50,000.

This clever bed checks on your sleep all night; diagnosing your breathing patterns, movement and noticing any snoring. It claims to reduce snoring, in most cases, by elevating your upper body a few degrees. It can keep you cool, or heat you up – and each side of the bed can be completely separate temperatures too. Theres a surround sound system, internet connectivity, a docking station and a projector.  Not that any of those thing help you sleep, but may well encourage you to never get out of bed.


Jado steel gold bed.

 Created entirely out of gold and adorned with crystals, this bed, with its dvd player, playstation and surround system, seems a lot more about making a statement than catching a good nights sleep. Its not shouting comfort but its definitely demanding attention. Setting you back $676,500 


Baldacchino Supreme Bed

Designed by Stuart Hughes – famed for making some of the worlds most expensive items of furniture- as ‘the worlds most exclusive bed’ this is quite the thing of fairy stories. Painted and detailed in gold leaf, with a large sumptuous canopy.  Price approximately  $6.3 million and strictly limited in numbers.


Hastens Vividus.

Crafted, they say, to ‘surpass every other bed’.  Taking 45 days to complete a single order and offering you a private VIP sleep test drive in store too.  The list of materials used read a little like a recipe – cushioning flax, springy horsetail, slow growing pine and superior wool -but it does very much look like you’d sleep beautifully on this beauty. Priced around $15,000. 

Savoir Beds.

The Savoy Hotel decided in 1905 to construct a bed perfect for its guests.
Referred to as their No 1 bed, {and no doubt greatly improved since 1905!} the Savoir is apparently the worlds most luxurious sleeping system. Hardwood frame, with extra deep pocket springs and double layers of carded lambswool, then topped off with a kilo of pure cashmere, and that’s just the mattress!  From £46,025.


And for sleeping away from home –

Looking for a luxury bed away from home?{Pandemic allowing} check these out!

The Four Seasons, Kuda Huraa, Maldives. 

Beach villas directly on the beach, and beds facing the sea. Marketed as ‘The best nights sleep you’ve ever had’.

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

Be sure to bundle up before checking into your own private igloo. Though of course each room is insulated to keep you warm while star-gazing or watching the northern lights. You will have seen the photographs of here before, this hotel of igloos is on most people’s Bucket Lists.


Poseidon Resorts, Fiji

This five-star hotel was the world’s first underwater resort. Located on a private island in Fiji, this uber-luxury accommodation has all the amenities you’d ever want in a resort, should you get bored of watching all the amazing marine life go by.


Ellerman House, Cape Town

The first of their kind, the new sleep rooms at Cape Town’s Ellerman House are designed by wellness consultant Harry Jameson specifically to promote complete rest and relaxation. These rooms have been stripped of all electronics, are kitted out with air purifiers, are set to an optimal sleep temperature. They come with a Sleep Pack stocked with sleep-enhancing bath salts and body butters, lavender and neroli pillow and linen mist, soothing eye masks, and CBD chamomile tea. You are even taught a sleep ritual that’s been scientifically designed to encourage deep sleep. Count us in. 


The Anantara Peace Haven Resort

Sri Lanka’s lush southern coast is home to the Anantara Peace Haven Resort. They have introduced a five day program aimed at resetting your sleep pattern. This includes diet, movement and relaxation treatments. The resort have your whole day planned, ending with a technology blackout and a slumber ritual, with massage and oils.

Of course if its your finances keeping you awake, we can help you here.